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Cuddy's Secret - Season Three Companion Series

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3x04 Insatiable [Oct. 18th, 2006|04:21 am]
Cuddy's Secret - Season Three Companion Series



“House. This isn’t a game.”

Cuddy’s voice was sharp and concise, devoid of any willingness to relent that might have been present in times before. The parking garage was cold and dank, but her blood was almost boiling in her veins. The unbelievable nerve of that girl, she thought through clenched teeth as she turned away from House’s bike. It was impossible to comprehend how a seventeen year old little...tramp could honestly think she could get away with whatever she wanted. Where the hell were the parents these days?

Oh, come off it, Lisa, the little voice in the back of Cuddy’s head whispered. The...frisky went away? You’re wounded...he hurt you and now you’re taking it out on the girl. As she walked towards the elevator Cuddy clenched her teeth harder. Oh I am not, she thought silently. He’s being a pig and I’m not going to let his...being a pig bring a statutory rape lawsuit down on this hospital.

“If I leave her alone, can I have my carpet back?” House called after her, his tone boisterous and chiding. The incredulous look that spread across Cuddy’s face faded into one of indignation and she paused in her stride for a moment, turning to look back at him. “No,” she said dispassionately, rolling her eyes as she walked away again.

“If I forget about my carpet, can I have her?”Cuddy’s jaw clenched in outrage and a flare of jealousy, but she didn’t stop walking. And she was proud of the way she didn’t stop, of the way her pace hadn’t slackened even though her anger was flaring with her increase in blood pressure. The nerve of him The absolute, unbelievable nerve of that man, of any man who would ogle a seventeen year-old piece of jail bait that way.

She’s not even good looking, Cuddy thought bitterly, pressing fiercely at the button to call for the elevator. Who really likes blonde and thin anymore, right? She lacks curvature and definition...but she is younger...

At this point Cuddy knew she was being ridiculous and so when she heard the loping stride coming up behind her she refused to turn around lest her emotions betray her in her face. There had been nothing more between herself and House than what had happened in the parking lot the other day. And that itself was sex, not commitment or even lovemaking. So she had absolutely no reason to be jealous.

Not that she was jealous, of course.

The elevator clanged closed behind House and Cuddy leaned against one of the walls, already pushing her mind down the track of work. It was a safer topic to think about, much easier to lose herself in. And Cuddy succeeded in drowning herself so deeply in her thoughts that she didn’t notice House reaching over for the elevator buttons. She didn’t even notice his finger pressing the red button until it was already done.

With a grating jolt the elevator screeched to a stop and Cuddy was almost thrown to her knees with the surprise of it all. “House ” she yelled, steadying herself on the railing, resting her forehead against the wall while she caught her breath, “what the hell are you doing?”

House didn’t answer, and Cuddy heard the quick clicking sound of the cane draw closer with each step he took. A warm flush coursed up Cuddy’s spine and she moved to turn around, but he stopped her before she could do so. She was pressed against the wall and the overwhelming warmth of House was pressed against her back. There was hardly enough air to breathe, only him, and the heady scent of aftershave and a cologne she could never distinguish sent Cuddy’s heart racing. His lips were against her hair, parting softly in a husky growl against her temple and she curled her fingers around the railing to steady herself.

“Greg,” she whispered, his name a plea on her lips, and House’s cane clattered to the ground as his hands clasped her waist, whirling her to face him. His mouth crushed her waiting lips in a kiss, and the warm pressure of his tongue swept against hers as she gasped for a breath. She whimpered either a protest or a plea - neither one of them knew which - but he wasn’t stopping. His hands pulled her jacket off her shoulders and she squirmed from its complication as well as the discomfort of the sudden heat she was feeling.

Hissing a displeased protest Cuddy ran her hands down his shoulders, trying to pull his coat away, but House didn’t give her the room to manage it. With a quick movement he pulled her blouse over her head and Cuddy swore before she realized he hadn’t torn it in his haste. Her irritation faded when his mouth closed over her breast and the heady realization there was no clothing between them this time made her gasp. He hadn’t even bothered removing her bra, she thought dimly, just pulled the cup down and away as if he couldn’t wait any longer.

God, he wanted her that much? A warmth flared in Cuddy’s lower stomach and House must have felt it because he caught her by the hips and lifted her, pressing her back against the elevator wall. Cuddy wanted to tell him to slow down because this positioning was going to be murder on his leg and so she could try and get at least some of his clothing off, but he was already dragging her skirt up around her hips, his big hands feeling for the zipper and yanking it down. Tossing it into the growing pile of her clothes House lowered his mouth to her neck, teeth nipping at where her pulse was beating erratically and Cuddy cried out sharply, her fingernails digging into his shoulders.

She didn’t know when he removed her underwear or how he managed to get his pants unzipped, but the next thing Cuddy knew he was inside her, hot and hard and fierce, and it was all she could do to wind her legs around his waist and cling to him. House didn’t lift his face from her neck, his lips, tongue and teeth attacking the flesh, and Cuddy knew it was going to be over entirely too fast, yet she was powerless to stop it.

He drove her to the edge with fierce, hard thrusts and kept her there for agonizing moments until she screamed incoherently in indignance, and then it was over in a hot, blinding rush as she came at the force of his last powerful thrust. Almost sobbing for breath Cuddy clung to him, burying her face against his shoulder as his warmth rushed through her, and for long moments she could do nothing but hold on as House’s breathing rasped against her throat and ear.

Neither one spoke but Cuddy felt House wince and knew his leg must be throbbing from their positioning. Before she could say a word he gently lowered her to her feet, then turned his back as his hand dipped into the pocket of his coat. Hearing the familiar rattle of pills Cuddy lowered her eyes and began pulling her clothes back on, the flush beginning to fade from her skin. Coherent thoughts weren’t an option now, and if she tried to think she’d undoubtedly say something, something atrociously stupid, and nothing would get resolved.

But was there anything to resolve at all?

Cuddy didn’t think he was looking at her while she dressed, but as she was pulling her jacket on the elevator shuddered as House pushed the button to start it once more. People were going to ask questions, but what could she really say to them now? She didn’t even know what was going on anymore.

Look what he’s doing to me, Cuddy thought in disgust. He’s turning me into a sniveling undergrad again, the way he...oh, my God.

The doors to the elevator had opened and House had stepped off without so much as a word to her. A strange sort of swagger was in his stride, and while that gave Cuddy a sharp pang of satisfaction, the glimpse of her reflection in the elevator’s mirrored wall caused a gasp to escape her throat.

He didn’t...oh, my God, he did. Cuddy’s hand flew to her neck and she lifted the hair away from one side, the sight confirming what she had thought.

The bastard gave me a hickey. I’m going to kill him.

[User Picture]From: prinnie868
2006-11-22 01:32 pm (UTC)
hey are you guys going to be continuing through the other eps??

Pretty please say that you are!! PUUUHLLLLLLEEEEASE!!!! *holds hands together and begs*
Thats right- i'm begging :P

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[User Picture]From: gleam
2006-12-31 07:48 am (UTC)
Hi there! So glad to hear you like them. =)

Yes, we will be! I've just finished 3x06 and now I have to get caught up hopefully before the hiatus ends! Stay tuned and thank you for reading!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: prinnie868
2007-01-01 08:30 am (UTC)
aweeesome!! Can't wait to read them all!! Hope you had a great Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!
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